Serene Sultun Watercolor Painting

Ready to take your watercolor journey to the next level?

Welcome to my Lovely Landscapes watercolor class! This is the perfect class for intermediate painters, or beginners who have at least dabbled in some basic watercolor techniques like flat washes, lifting, and wet-on-wet vs wet-on-dry.

$65 for lifetime access.

This class has 3.5 hours of total edited video instructions. We cover 6 subjects and technically paint 8 paintings during this class. Depending on how fast you paint you will be able to do some paintings in as little as 30 minutes, and others will take you about an hour to complete. If you paint on the slower side, it might take a bit longer! There's no right or wrong way to follow along!

No need to buy more supplies!

You can use whatever watercolor supplies you already have! I will list all of my supplies I use in each video, in case they have caught your attention. If they are links to an Amazon product, they are an affiliate link, where I earn a very small commission if you choose to purchase through the link. The basic supplies you will need to complete the class are:

  • Watercolor paper - cold press 140lb 
  • Set of watercolors, most sets will work great for this class. A set with a pthalo blue, vermillion, yellow ochre, medium yellow, and magenta will work best. 
  • Size 12 round brush - or similar size
  • 2 cups of water
  • Paper towels/rag
  • Scraper - palette knife, or old gift card
  • Hair dryer or patience

Learn to draw in the viewer!

In this class we explore some simple composition tricks to help you improve how the eye moves through your paintings.

Explore quick and easy paintings!

This class has some longer paintings, but also a few that are quick little paintings that look like they take a lot more time!

Play with contrast!

We explore how to play with contrast and values to help you with creating depth in a painting.

This course is closed for enrollment.

Explore the difference that supplies can make!

One of the focuses of this class is to compare the effects that different supplies can make. Sometimes changing just one thing, like the paper, makes all the difference!

Seeing this explored throughout the class will help you make more informed art supply purchases in the future.

Having trouble logging in?

Once enrolled if you're logged in you should be able to click the modules to begin. If they don't play for you you'll need to login and you can do that here:

If that doesn't work, please reach out to me at [email protected] so we can get you in and painting!